Enter the world of Shadow Sword: The first book is out now Enter world of Shadow Sword

In the end, it’s our darkest secrets, our hidden shame that gives others power ...

The second book in the compelling Shadow Sword series

For centuries Roaran sought redemption. Now he can vanquish a risen god. But only if he cuts his last ties to humanity. Only if he returns to the one place he swore he’d never dare go again – the Icelands, where a sorceress waits to enslave him.

From the author of The 19th Bladesman comes the second volume in this thrilling, achingly raw and breathtaking epic fantasy series of dark plots, dark magic and characters with even darker secrets.


Coming mid 2019


A leader arises

Slaver, raider, war lord. Dannon wants to believe in something beyond killing. His yearning will take him on a deadly path to the truth; that he’s fated to put aside everything he ever believed to lead the seer king’s sword brotherhood against Archanin.

Price of redemption

For centuries the seer king sought redemption. Now he can vanquish Archanin. If he cuts his last ties to humanity. But to defeat a god he must return to the one place he can never go – the Icelands, where a vicious sorceress waits to snare him.

Outwitted in a vicious game

A prisoner in the Icelands, about to be auctioned to the highest bidder, Val Arques has just one chance to escape: Play out his captor’s dangerous sexual and psychological game.

Coming mid 2019
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