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The 19th Bladesman


Australian author S.J. Hartland’s debut novel—and first installment of her Shadow Sword saga—is nothing short of an epic fantasy masterwork. – BlueInk Review

Australia has produced some phenomenal fantasy writers in recent decades: Sara Douglass, Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Kate Forsyth, and Trudi Canavan, among others. Fantasy fans can now add Hartland to that list. Her story is just that good. – BlueInk Review 

“An engaging and intricate fantasy that delivers plenty of political intrigue.” – Kirkus Reviews

“An epic fantasy journey into an ancient, fabled world that beckons with echoes of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. A debut novel from an author we’re keeping our eyes on.” – Chanticleer Reviews

With its superbly developed characters and accomplished prose, The 19th Bladesman is a book to devour…-The Prairies Book Review 

“S.J. Hartland writes the kind of action scenes that effortlessly draw the reader in and have them visualizing the flurry of movement in such a masterful way that I have only ever encountered in a handful of authors. However, it is not only the fast-paced, heart-pounding action where the author excels, but the world building is also phenomenal, with clear attention paid to provide a rich culture, society, history, religion and structure. The characters are every bit as deep and complex as the world itself … ” – K.J. Simmill for Readers’ Favorite

“S.J. Hartland has created a magnificent world in this epic fantasy tome… Due to fantastic world building aided by a delicate balance between showing and telling and a brisk pace, I was completely immersed in The 19th Bladesman. All the characters, right from the protagonist to even the ordinary soldier, are engaging and memorable … Further, the action scenes are splendid. I could visualize every parry and hear every clank of the clashing swords.” – Debjani Ghosh for Readers’ Favorite 

S.J. Hartland weaves a world like a spiderweb–intricate, detailed, beautiful, but deadly–populated with well-developed characters with complex morals, motives, and mettle.” -Laura B., Proofreader, Red Adept Publishing

The author has taken common fantasy tropes of vampires and twisted them into a new viewpoint – the ghouls are abhorrent, yet follow a lot of common vampiric traits. It’s exciting to see a different interpretation within the fantasy genre. -The International Review of Books 

The 19th Bladesman is a gripping and thoroughly enjoyable first book in what will hopefully be a grand epic high fantasy series in the best tradition.
~Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader


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