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SJ Hartland

Author SJ Hartland is a journalist and fencer with an unhealthy addiction to castles, cricket and anything medieval

Super jealous of the sword. #justsayin

Random facts about the author:

SJ Hartland is a journalist and foil fencer (Cyrano club in Sydney), cricket and medieval tragic who watches too much TV. She is originally from Townsville, lived in Sydney for many years and now calls the Darling Downs, Queensland, home.

Random stuff, right?

If you want more…

She loves (in no particular order): Jesus, God, dogs, rain, blue-grey seas beneath storm clouds, summer, lavender, Kathryn Heyman, Hercule Poirot, The Count of Monte Cristo, coffee, collective nouns, Krak des Chevaliers, semi-colons, the old shipwrecks at Woody Point, Simon Templar, the Saint on Castle Hill, dusk, Sherlock Holmes, dangling modifiers, pressure attacks on the blade, Keith Harkin, Dune, Michael Moorcock’s Elric (gotta love that soul-sucking sword), the world of Narnia and Blake’s 7.

She hates: tailgaters, winter

What, are you still reading?

There’s nothing better than talking characters. Head to the author’s Twitter and Facebook pages at Twitter and Facebook.

Or drop her an email at writersjhartland@gmail.com.

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