Enter the world of Shadow Sword: The fourth book is out now Enter world of Shadow Sword

The battle is won. A tyrant has been defeated. Now Val Arques must pay the price—in blood.

To keep his word to Roaran, Val surrenders to the Quisnaf who take him as a prized captive to their forbidding city of caves, far from Telor.

As a man in their matriarchal society, Val has no rights. A warrior must always accompany him to protect him. His skill as a bladesman is worth nothing. His only value is his beauty, his precious Caelan blood, and his role as a sire.

But Quisnaf is a city at war, a city of hidden conflicts and dangerous secrets. A city about to explode. When a charismatic warrior restores an ancient order that enslaves men, Val is a pawn in the bloody revolt.

Set up for murder, he is condemned to a mindless existence in the caverns of the sinister blood-keepers. He has no allies. No way out. Even the shunned berserker warrior who has protected him believes him guilty of treachery. All Val has is his formidable will. But in the face of unbearable loss, even that is about to shatter.

Across the sea, Genya’s desire for blood magic leads her down a treacherous path which may not only cost her life, but her soul.

The fourth in the enthralling Shadow Sword series takes us into a world of obsession, jealousy and betrayal where only those with the darkest hearts survive.


Australia has produced some phenomenal fantasy writers in recent decades: Sara Douglass, Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Kate Forsyth, and Trudi Canavan, among others. Fantasy fans can now add Hartland to that list. Her story is just that good.

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A rich tapestry of dark magic, obsession, dangerous prophecy, and the forgiveness found through friendship.

An ancient king returns…

For centuries, Roaran sought redemption. Now he can vanquish a tyrant and save a realm in chaos. But only if he cuts his last ties to humanity. Only if he returns to the one place that he swore he’d never dare go again…

A warrior in chains…

A prophecy unfolds…

But the darkness taking over the kingdom can’t be defeated by the sword, only with the heart.

In a world of poetry and song, but also treachery, betrayal, and bloodshed, the second volume in the raw and breathtaking Shadow Sword series will enthrall fans of Game of Thrones and Prince of Thorns.



 An epic fantasy journey into an ancient, fabled world that beckons with echoes of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. A debut novel from an author we’re keeping our eyes on. – Chanticleer Reviews




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