Enter the world of Shadow Sword: The fourth book is out now Enter world of Shadow Sword

His duty is to die young
But fate has something far more lethal in mind ...

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A YOUNG warrior bonded to ancient gods who yearns for more than duty. A cursed lord with a dangerous secret who must put aside a vow to a dying queen to save him. A centuries-old, malign blood feud …

In a land of poetry, song and magic, but also bloodshed, dark plots and intrigue, a young bladesman seeks to vanquish a risen god and win the affection of his enigmatic lord, a man cursed to live with a shameful secret.


The 19th Bladesman

Kill a warrior he’s never met and save his sister…  Let a stranger live, save the kingdom and lose his soul …


Each kill notch on his sword is a ghoul Kaell slaughtered. That’s what a warrior bonded to ancient gods does. Kill. Die young. Do his duty, without expecting praise from the man who trained him to survive this centuries-old malignant war. But Kaell yearns for more than duty. More of his lord’s attention. His affection. Just more.


Heath also knows about cold, hard duty. Ice lord, spy, brother to a relentless sorceress, he never loses a fire dance. Yet he longs to again know that thrill of danger down his spine as he kills for his god, to fight a warrior who might, just might be better than him.


Kaell’s lord Val Arques is a bladesman of formidable power with a shameful secret. He buried it so deep it only poisons his dreams but he can’t hide his scarred wrists. Banished to a grim outpost of this kingdom of magic, poetry and intrigue, he cannot care about Kaell. For a cold heart is all that protects him when a fallen god captures Kaell and turns the hunter into the hunted …

A powerful story of dark sorcery, of dangerous secrets, loss and betrayal.

If you love brutal swordfights, flawed, conflicted characters and a complex, emotionally raw and fast-moving story set in a dangerous world, you’ll love this new epic fantasy series.

The 19th Bladesman
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